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Nomada is an accessories brand created by Sanaa Ruia and Divya Batra. The brand is heavily inspired by nature, travel and various cultures of the world. The name Nomada itself is derived from the word Nomads, signifying our love of exploration. Given the immense talent available in our country, Nomada uses brilliant hand embroiderers to create unique and contemporary surface textures that are international in their appeal and yet retain traditional Indian techniques.

With a strong focus on design, keen sense of detail and high quality raw materials our products are a favourite with the discerning yet experimental woman of fashion.

At Nomada we also work with corporates to create gifting solutions for their clients. From Estee Lauder make up brands to real estate companies to private weddings. We have a worked with a large spectrum of clients to custom make something special each time. We also specialise in embroideries and create pieces in collaborations with international brands, such as Juicy Couture (UK). At Nomada we believe in giving back. We have worked with groups of under privileged women, donating sewing machines, hosting embroidery workshops and teaching basic stitching skills. Our dust covers and packaging are done by the same group of women now. As a primarily women led organisation we think it’s essential to support the financial upliftment of other women.

Sanaa Ruia (Co-Founder)

As creative head for Nomada, Sanaa Ruia has a strong background in fashion and retail with a degree in commerce andfashion degrees from NIFT and London College of Fashion, where she graduated top of her class.

Currently, Sanaa oversees the entire design, manufacturing and production process of the brand. From high quantity corporate gifting orders to Nomada’s exclusive resort and festive lines, she creates collections pertaining to each type of clientele.

Sanaa is an active supporter of women’s rights and children’s education, having worked with numerous NGOs and brings that same culture to Nomada.

Divya Batra (Co-Founder)

Divya Batra has a background in fashion as well as business, with degrees from UCL (London) and NIFT (Mumbai). She has over ten years in the Indian fashion retail space, as well as corporate experience in companies like PR Pundit and Business India Magazine.

Currently, Divya handles the finance, operations and logistics at Nomada as well as client, buyer and boutique liaisons for both the high quantity corporate orders as well as the resort line.

A passionate supporter of animal rights and welfare, she works with a few animal adoption agencies to raise funds and bring awareness to the organisations.